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About Velvet & Shadow

"Welcome to Velvet & Shadow Photography, a rainbow color explosion for the eyes.  The lighting is dreamy and the sets are custom to elicit ethereal emotions.  Velvet & Shadow Photography is a Tucson, AZ-based experimental boudoir photography business founded by Isabella that offers personalized photoshoot sessions inside visually stunning hand-crafted sets with rainbow explosions of colorful lights." -Gay Tucson

Velvet & Shadow started out as a passion project in 2011 being run out of a small apartment and has continued to grow and flourish over the years.  Velvet & Shadow has since moved into a beautiful photography studio located near downtown Tucson that offers creative boudoir photo sessions featuring handmade sets, experimental lighting and magical special effects. 


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Having worked as a venue and event photographer for many years, Isabella is deeply inspired by the theatrical lights and special effects of the dimly lit stage. Isabella provides positive affirming direction and encouragement throughout each session which cultivates a truly therapeutic journey of self-discovery & empowerment. Boudoir photography makes a lot of people nervous but you don’t have to worry about that with Isabella. She makes every subject feel like the only person in the world. As a result, she guarantees genuine and touching photographs. You can take part in a photo shoot using a premade set or a completely custom set you and Isabella decide on. 

girl with metallic eye shadow posing by sparkly candle and pink crystal fringe chandelier

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